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Khawaja Qasim
Full Name Khawaja Qasim
Birthday 01-01-1975, Lahore, Pakistan
Sex Male
University / Organization Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
Department / Post Mechanical Engineering, 3rd Year
Marital Status Single
Permanent Address 48 K Block, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan
Telephone +92-42-853632/858055
Present Address B/8 Merkez Sitesi, 100YIL Karakusunlar, Ankara, Turkey
Telephone +90-312-2876589
Hobbies Playing & Watching Cricket & listening to Music
Favorite Artist(s) Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks & John Travolta, Winona Ryder & Madelline Stowe
Favorite Movie(s) Seven, The Usual Suspects, Broken Arrow, Masoom and many more
Disliked Movie(s) Too many
Favorite Book(s)/Novel(s) No Particular Favourites
Favorite Sports Cricket, Soccer and Tennis
Favorite Music Heavy Metal, Classical(Desi), Alternative and some Pop too
Disliked Music Rap, Techno etc.
Favorite Musical Group(s) Alice in Chains, The Cranberries, Faith No More and Roxette
Disliked Musical Group(s) Too Many
Best Subject(s) Most Basic Engineering subjects, Cricket & Music
Objective of Life To become a Mechanical Engineer
Wish to Travel Northern Parts of Pakistan & Switzerland
Yearns Most My Family, Friends

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